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Types of Lawn Mowers

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A lawn mower is great equipment. If you want to save your time and increase efficiency when it comes to taking good care of your lawn, this machine come into picture. Before deciding which machine is good for you it is advisable to first take a look at the available types of machines in the market. Finding about these machines and what kind of features they have will help you to finalize which one to go for.

A Lawn Mower

1) The first type is the “Push Reel Lawn Mower”. As the name suggests this has to be pushed manually with a handle attached to a cylinder. The cylinder at the bottom rolls on the lawn cutting the lawn blades. The width of the cylinder with blades on it has a width of about 12 inches to 20 inches. This is a manual lawn mower.

2) The second one is called as the “Rotary Lawn Mower“. Unlike a push reel type, this is powered by a gasoline engine, which can generate a power equivalent to 2 to 7 horsepowers.

Many manufacturers have even produced electrically powered rotary mowers. The main advantage of an electric one is reduced noise levels while working. But a gas-powered machine produces much more power than an electric one resulting in finer lawn cuts.

3) The third one is a “Riding Lawn Mower”. This machine is largely used when there are large lawn areas to be maintained. If you hate hard work then this lawn mower makes your life much easier, by making it possible to ride on it like a tractor.

The quality this machine produces is excellent. A riding machine has several more arrangements to attach additional fixtures such as snow blowers etc. these machines are expensive as compared to the first two types.

One very popular riding mower is the zero turning radius, which can work in areas where the landscaping design has lots of smaller areas covered with lawn.

This was just a brief introduction of the types of lawn mowers commonly available in the market. Make sure you look for their detailed reviews and rating before you make any final buying decision.

There are numerous other lawn mowers available on the market and you should truly assess your needs – how big is your garden? What type of grass do you have in your garden? Is the grass you are cutting close to the house or a distance? There are many questions you need to ask to get a proper assessment of just what you’ll need.

Don’t forget your storage needs, either. For larger lawn mowers you’ll want a good secure place to store it after use that is safe from the environment and the weather. For smaller mowers, while you’ll need somewhere to store them, due to their lesser cost and maintenance needs this isn’t as important.

Ultimately, only when you’ve fully assessed your needs will you be able to choose the right lawn mower that you’ll need.


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